Movie Review: Trainspotting 2 (T2) (500 words)

Cast includes: Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, Robert Carlyle and Ewen Bremner
Director: Danny Boyle

Danny Boyle delivered an unbelievable sequel to a ‘love it or hate it’ Trainspotting almost exactly twenty-one years later. Trainspotting was an extremely relatable film in the 90’s; we’re talking love, sex, drugs and fake I’D’s. Boyle took great risks in producing Trainspotting which features; dead babies, disgustingly overflowing toilets (probably one of the most memorable scenes of the entire film, credit where it’s due) and on screen drug use but by taking these risks the film had that added shock factor helping the audience create an emotional attachment to the young character’s. Perhaps it gave viewer’s a second self; one which made decisions that they never did?
Trainspotting was maybe so successful because it was so relatable and it was a pure emotional roller coaster. Everyone had a group of friends just like that, the characters so “normal” and “human”. Furthermore, the powerful script and incredible writing of Irvine Welsh packed this film with some marvellous quotes which STILL pack their punch today.
Trainspotting 2 (T2) brought tears of sorrow, nostalgia, joy and lust across all the generations. Ewan McGregor returns, that baby faced Mark Renton was back. With strife between Renton and Sick Boy (Jonny Lee Miller), two very important characters; viewers were left to pick a side. But how could they? Having experienced powerful T1, you were now part of it, you could understand the “Why’s” and the “How’s” but still you were forced to watch the conflict that left you on the edge of your seat, begging for them to see reason.
Cinemas packed with younger generations buzzing about the witty humour and how tailored T2 was to today; taking digs at social media and Kim Kardashian for example. The older generations had tears in their eyes, What happened to Ewan McGregor? Oh, the wit and the sarcasm it was good to have them back! Most of them made it alive.
Viewers were prepared to launch themselves into another emotional roller coaster for these boys, welcome to T2.
The opening scene shows Begbie (Robert Carlyle) in prison which is EXACTLY where you’d expect him to be 21 years later. The humour starts from there, you’re thrown into the struggles and pressures of today’s society; dealing with addiction, where so many more drugs are available, facing up to adulthood and fathering kids with a social system.
You believe in the characters more than anything, you love them but still, they betray each other. You’re almost screaming at the screen!
Overall, Boyle did extremely well-creating unison and emotion in T2.The cast did an incredible job taking the time to give interviews, speaking about their own thoughts, opinions and growth on/ since Trainspotting 2. Giving the audience that feeling of fulfilment, they’ve finally seen Renton blossom. By choosing not to recast twenty-one years later added depth as well as reigniting that emotional/physical attraction once again. No matter how old you were, once you saw Renton’s baby face you knew you were in for a good time.


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