The Office

“Why are you glaring at me?”  he asked as he tossed the papers on my desk in passing

“I’m hoping you’ll spontaneously combust” my mind responded but I continued to glare at him in silence.

“Jesus, you’re so weird” he scrunched up his face and turned to walk back to his desk.

I fucking hated him. Through gritted teeth, I tried to not bite his bait.  I’d prefer not to have another “meeting” with the boss this week as well as last… and the week before that. I’m also pretty sure the boss wouldn’t want another meeting with me either.
He continued to stare at me from his desk, I broke eye contact and continued my work. I couldn’t concentrate on writing when in my peripheral vision he was watching me. What the fuck was his problem?

I was beyond sick of dealing with their shit. They were so arrogant, none of them did anything worth acknowledging anyway. I was actually counting down the days to quitting my job, I’m sure my boss was too. It took every ounce of strength I had to hold myself back from flipping the table and strangling every last gasp of air out of his body.

The thought amused me more than it should have and I let out a light chuckle.

“What you laughing at, freak?” he enquired throwing a scrunched paper ball in my direction.  Our coworkers joined in the joke too and quiet laughter filled the room.

I glanced up slowly with a scowl on my face. I slowly scanned the room and everyone fell silent.
Are you fucking serious?
I looked to where the paper ball had landed and then back to him.

What is this, primary school?

This office was so fucking lame. The boss felt the same way, that’s why he only spent two days a week here. Their behavior was childish and the talent was absent. I placed the lid on my pen and stood slowly.

He began to panic. His eyes were darting around the office, desperately looking for moral support from the co-workers in this situation.

Oh, was he scared? What a shame.

I gently tucked my chair under my desk, straightened my tie and made my way towards him.

“W-w-what are you doing?” He stuttered looking around the office once again but suddenly, everyone had become preoccupied with phone calls. Unfortunate, really.

I didn’t respond to him.

“Hey, w-what you doing man? Come on… you know it was just a joke” he tried to laugh it off, but it was obvious he was intimidated.

I grinned at him, “Good joke, ha ha” I said with a slight hint of sarcasm.

His face turned serious as I approached and his body froze up. I gradually passed his chair and used the water machine which was located behind his desk unit by the wall. I watched the look of relief on his face as he turned to face me.He was confused. Sipping my water, I smirked. I knew he was scared of me, he had just so much to say from across the room but when face to face he soon shut up.

He was still in shock, he clearly expected some kind of confrontation. But why would I give him the satisfaction when I could keep him on his toes like the way I did? He knows what I’m capable of but he never knows when I’ll bite the bullet. It’s risky business. He shouldn’t play with fire and he full well knows it.

“Maybe you should get back to your… work?”  I subtly suggested pointing at the mess of paperwork on his desk.

He didn’t give me an answer however, he quickly tucked his chair back under his desk and readjusted his headset. He occasionally glanced in my direction to check I was still there, he clearly didn’t trust me being so abnormally calm and in his half of the office.

Exactly, what I thought and exactly what I wanted.



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