It’s a simple
Thank you
Well done
Good work today

It’s something I’d hope you’d show more of
It’s not about
What I have or haven’t done
What I could or couldn’t do
But about what I’ve done

What I’ve achieved
What I’ve worked so damn hard to get for you
I give my time, my effort and my thoughts
To you
And I get nothing in return

Do you know how hard that is?
I think
Why should I bother?
What’s in it for me?

Do I even exist?
Would you notice if I wasn’t there?
Why does all my credit go elsewhere?

I am sorry but
It is not my fault
If you don’t understand me
It is not my fault if it’s not what you want
I am here for me, about me. This is for me.

Please proceed to tell me,
How selfish I am.
How I already take to much

Please proceed to tell me,
How unfair it is
On others.
But, excuse me?

For what have they achieved?
Besides getting credit for my work?
Besides being the ones to deliver my messages clearly?

For they were my ideas
And my messages
and which I deserve the credit

The frustration which flows through my body
The frustration that constantly demands
This is not fair
This is not right
Is only consoled by the memories
Life is not fair.
How dare I be so stupid
to think
Life would be fair?
Who am I to make such grand sweeping statements?

I take a deep breath and sigh.
Who am I?


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