“Did you open the Package?”

“Did you open the package?”


“That was your first mistake”


I frowned. What the hell was he talking about? Of course I opened the fucking package. It was addressed to me and the postman brought it, just like any other morning.  I did really have the time to sit and dwell on whether opening the package was right or wrong, but evidently, it had already been decided.

I grabbed my rucksack of the back of the chair and followed him out of the house. This was insane. I had no clue where we were going or what was happening but it seemed pretty serious.

“We have exactly 2 hours before that package explodes. We need to get back to your place ASAP before your entire neighbourhood is blown to shreds”  Jason jumped into his 4×4, I quickly entered the passenger’s side.  I couldn’t make sense of anything he was telling me, why was a bomb sent to me? Why me? What had I ever done to wrong someone so much they wanted to demolish my house?

As we raced along the highway I clutched my rucksack on my lap. My heart was racing as I recalled the events of the morning. I couldn’t help but wonder if the postman knew of the package contents? Confused, I asked Jason.

“Your postman probably wasn’t even your regular postman” He replied,  “But we shouldn’t be worrying about that right now. We’ve got bigger problems.”



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