Sister (1)

The city didn’t look the same now he’d done his job. He gazed out over the dreary city, pretending everything was going to be ok. Yet, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t convince himself. Deep down, he knew that he would never be returning home. Not after all those people he had killed, the promises he had broken. He didn’t break them intentionally! By no means were they intentional, but what did they expect from him? The safety of the whole city was resting on his shoulders. It was classic; they wanted him whilst they could benefit.
The moment he couldn’t, he was gone.

He spun to face her, they both knew what was coming next, he eyes were already glazing over, her lip trembling,

“Don’t cry!”

Is that what he was supposed to say?
Is that the phrase he was expected to use to console the little girl standing in front of him who would never see her older brother again? He was all the hope she had and he was leaving. He knelt down and wiped away a tear which fell from her chubby rosy cheek. Then he spoke to her softly;

“This city is corrupt. It will hurt you the way it has hurt me. It will take everything you love and break it so that you’re miserable. Just like the,. It wants to break you by taking me. But don’t let them win ok? Don’t let them see your pretty face cry.”

“But I have no one; you’re all I have left”

“You don’t need anybody. I am your brother and I always will be. I just want you to be strong ok? The day you turn eighteen I will be back for you. I sincerely promise you that. I would never lie to you. I love you, I will always love you. Don’t let them tell you any different”

He kissed her forehead and then he was gone.

I waited and waited on my eighteenth birthday, but he never came. It hurt, it really fucking hurt. He promised me and then he never fucking came.


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