It was not unusual for sexual relations between the guards and the women of the asylum. Some women were in here because they had too much sex, others because they refused. There was a mixture of working girls and young, pure virgins. The guards did not care though; they took whatever they wanted, whatever they felt like. Young, Old, Experienced, Inexperienced. They misunderstood their authority.

“You are a wretched whore. You are a good for nothing slut. Show you respect? You deserve nothing! Even your family does not want you, that’s why you’re in here. You should be honoured I’m even giving you my time. You are worthless. Spread your legs!”

“No! I will not! You have no right to touch me, get off me!” I will scream and then everybody will know what you’re doing”

“And you think they will care?” He laughed his rotten teeth and awful breath just inches from my face. “If you make a single sound I will snap your neck quicker than your family threw you in here you disgusting bitch. Now when I say open, I mean OPEN!”

He grabbed me forcefully.

“Plese stop, sir. I don’t want this, please. What did I do wrong?” I beg and I plead.

“Shut your mouth”

He forced my head down, pushing my face into the sludge on the floor. I could barely breathe.

“Please stop”

I struggled

He pulled my head up by my hair, his mouth near my ear.

“I take what I want” He taunted me “I have authority. And you? Well, ha.”

He paused as he lowered his trousers

“You’re just a mentally insane bitch”




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