The Story of Emilie Howard


I wrote this small paragraph late one night after re-reading an old story I had written, The Story of Emilie Howard. It was around 30,  A5 pages long. I had written it when I was sixteen, and in was in my last year of high school. I remember, I’d been fascinated by a book that I had read based on Victorian Asylums. I was triggered to re-read my novel after watching the film Stonehearst Asylum, a film based on a book by Edgar Allen Poe.  I have always been strangely curious of the Victorian era; from Jack the Ripper to Victorian Fashion. I think that, if I was ever given the chance to go back in time, I would choose the 1800-1900’s, maybe even a little into the beginning of the 1900’s so that I could experience the hype of the Titanic too (another obsession of mine but that’s for another time).

The story is based on a young woman, Emilie Howard who had been admitted into a Victorian Asylum. It was all a bit of a con really for Emilie.Her parents had tried to marry her off to a man with extremely poor personal hygiene, for the benefit of the money that came with his alliance.  When young Emilie declined the offer in order to pursue her own dreams, then her mother and father said she had no choice and that she was to marry or lose the honorable “Howard” family name as rumor had it she was a “lady of the night”. Her older brother and best friend, Charles, had tried to stick up for her by explaining to their mother and father that his sister was still young, had all her life ahead of her and there was no rush for marriage.  Of course, it tided them over, but it didn’t put to bed their insisting. As far as they were concerned, Emilie was marrying that man whether she liked him or not. It didn’t matter, that she’d only just met him and  that they had absolutely nothing in common.For them, it was about time she took a husband and bore a child. Emilie was distraught by the decision. She knew it was coming, as she was a high-born female, but she didn’t think it would be so soon.In hast, that night as Emilie’s maid tried to console her as she bathed, Emilie tried to take her own life by drowning herself. Emilie’s actual thoughts that night are discussed further in the novel and contradict the suicidal tendencies which her parents accused her of. The story then continues with Emilie’s experience in the Asylum, talking of the friends she made and the horrors she experienced.



I may post another section of the story at a later date maybe. I struggle to follow through with just one story though, as I am so easily inspired that my mind wants to shoot off and create something else.

Thanks for taking the time to read, I shall have more posts for you soon.

Take care guys and until next time, remember to open your mind.


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